This game is unlike anything you've ever seen ! You play as if it was ping pong, using two cannons, which shoot a pinball ball! So crazy! Not to mention the fact that you are on a farm with tractors and cows !

Your goal is to make more points every play! And of course have fun and give lots of laughs !


Touch the screen every time you want to throw the ball to the other side, but beware of the items on the way, some will benefit you and help you make more points, others will delay your progress!

Catch 5 cows to see what happens

Challenge your friends! See who makes the most points!

Manages to overcome its earlier mark? Go to your limit!

Will it be able to stay more than two minutes in the game?

And do more than 150 points ?

Future updates:

- Achievements

- Integration with Facebook

- New items and obstacles

- New shot

- Break developers highscore

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